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Monday, January 28, 2013

Massive update!

I've seen other blogs talking about the "new dad experience" and it seems that many of them fall  short right around the time of  birth, and I can understand why now! Ever since that little child has come into our lives we've barely had a moment to breathe, and we've loved every moment of it. Our littley boy was born on July 3rd, and was almost immeidtaley whisked off to the NICU because he wasn't breathing on his own. He had the cord wrapped around his neck and the doctor had to get that cut quickly, and then the code was called to have him ressucitated. As anyone who has gone through this before knows how scary it is, but we agreed beforehand that we would trust the doctors at the hospital and let them do their work. Our son started breathing on his own after six minutes, and was an incredibly healthy boy otherwise, and from the moment he was born his eyes were wide open, taking in the world. The NICU nurses were absolutely fantastic, and very reassuring. Overall this was a scary first experience as parents, but it made us all the more thankful for such an awesome little boy.
That was six months ago, and being a full time student, having a part time job, and trying to spend every moment with my new little family doesn't leave a lot of time to write, but as any new parent knows thats the norm. Liam is now 6 months old and is now mobile! He crawls from one side of the house to  the other giggling all the way, and he's starting to discover all of  those drawers that he's not supposed to get into to! But he's a fun little boy, and makes every day fun. Every morning when he wakes up he has a big smile for whoever comes into his room to get him, and is a happy smiley boy all day long. Being a new dad really is a unique experience, and I don't think I've ever felt more like a father then the time that  I got pooped, peed, and spat up  on all at the same time, and all I could do is laugh about it. My little boy makes my life  that much richer, and every day I'm learning something new with him and  my wife.
Hopefully I'llstart updating more, and everyone can share their experiences as well. I've recently had to do research for a paper in my english class  about the decrease in the role of fathers in America, and honestly my research shocked me. More and more there are less fathers in the home, and they've given up their fatherly responsibilites. Now I know that divorce and extenuating circumstances happen, but the research was pretty conclusive that overall there are less and less fathers in the home. Now being a child of divorce I know first hand how sucky it can be having only one parent in the home, even though I was raised  by  my father, but this made me of the opinion that  no matter what my wife and I would stay togehter for our children. I'm a firm believer that a child deservest to have 2 parents in the household whether  that be a mom and a dad, 2 dads, or 2 moms, a child needs both of his parents. Not that my wife and I are getting a divorce or would ever consider that, I love my babies mama! She is my perfect sweetheart, and I love her very much! Anyway I'll wrap up this rant, and promis to write more!


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