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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The little things

Just as a short post/thought: I remember before we had our son the thought of changing diapers and such was an almost horrific thought for me. Now we have a robust 7 month old cruising around the house, and getting into all sorts of fun things, I realized that those the types of thoughts I had before are gone. I changed 2 stinky diapers yesterday, on both of which I was peed on, and on one I was pooped on as well. I shrugged these off, didn't have a second thought about it until today was I was thinking of my mentality before we had children. It's interesting to think about the mind set before and after having children, we become entirely new people! Thoughts?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Balancing School, Work, and Family

I remember back in high school thinking " I have so much to do between school, friends, and work", little did I know that high school time was getting me ready for the real world, and those concerns have transformed into college, career, and family. I currently go to school full time, and work a part time job. Luckily the nature of my part time job allows me to get some schoolwork done while I'm there, so I'm really lucky in that aspect. Family unfortunately seems to always be last in the pecking order, the demands of the boss and professors seem to take precedance. Even when I'm home I seem to be distracted by additional schoolwork, and wrapping up some paperwork from work. Anyone else have this problem, how do you spend quality time with your family amidst the obligations on daily life?