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Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Kid Dads

Ya know, I thought after marriage I would do some "growing up", this was one of several things I was wrong about. If anything I became more of a kid, suddenly we were the ones calling the shots in our lives, and suddenly we could do anything we wanted, granted if we had the money (poor newlyweds). But one things for sure, I kept my love of toys. Now I'm not talking about the good ol' speak and spell, or that cool rainbow piano I played as a kid, I mean gadgets and gizmos (a plenty). If there was a new piece of technology on the market, I wanted it, I had to have and play with it! Much to the shagrin of my wife. You should have seen how my eyes lit up when we got these cool baby monitors that look like walkie talkies, my friend and I had a field day with those.
Awesome fort my friend and I made recently!
It makes me wonder1. How I am going to be as a father, and 2. What my child is going to be like. I remember as a child my mother always had the newest and best of computers of the time (which weren't very impressive by any standards) but I remember playing games for hours on that thing with my whole family. It's in my blood I guess you could say. Whereas my wife is very conservative when it comes to technology, she's a singer, actress, piano player, and I must say - a future awesome mother! So I have to ask to some older dads who may be reading, what was your first experience with your child's personality when those started shining through? Did you find that they had personalities of both the mother and father, or was it more of a 20/80 thing? I'll be sure to share my experiences when our little Liam comes out. But I know one thing, I'm going to be a very big kid new daddy, and play with all the new little gadgets and gizmos that come out, and turn my little boy into a technophiles! Any other Big Kid Dad's out there? Have any of you new fathers "grown out" of your big kid stage?
As always thanks for reading, and don't forget to post your own experiences in the comments below!

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