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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pregnant Wife's Birthday

We're a family that likes their celebrations, from Halloween to Christmas, we always have something fun on the schedule. As you can imagine this includes birthdays, we usually go all out for birthday parties. One year, when we were dating, my wife had set up a zombie obstacle course in our basement as a surprise party. There was a Nerf gun sitting outside the entrance to our house, and I heard Left 4 Dead music blaring inside, that was an adrenaline rush, especially for a zombie nerd like me. I remember last year we had a BBQ pool party for my wife's 21st birthday party, it was loads of fun, and there was ice cream cake.
My wife, her cat, and her "Momma Poncho" taking a nap!
Fast forward to this year, and she's 8 months pregnant and walking is a struggle at this point for her. I kept on trying to think of fun things to do, but all of them would be hard for a very pregnant girl. So I gave up and asked her what she wanted to do, and she simply said "I want to sleep for my birthday". I laughed and let her do almost exactly that all day (I even snuck off to work for a few hours). I got her some new music books (music nerds can't get enough of them), and then took her to get a premium pedicure (sugar scrub, massage, the works), which I think was pure ecstasy for her! Then we were going to go see "What to Expect When you're Expecting", but she was too tired at that point. So we settled on coming home for a quick nap (which ended up being 4 hours long), and watching "Ever After" followed by more sleeping, and of course nachos.
 I've since told my wife that since we didn't do anything spectacular for my birthday, that we weren't allowed to do anything fun for mine! She just giggled and gave me that knowing eye that she has something sneaky planned, well as sneaky as you can get considering we are going to be having a new little screaming addition to our family by then! Has anyone else celebrated a partners birthday during pregnancy? What did you guys do? Tell us in the comments below!

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