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Friday, June 8, 2012

Childhood vs. Childhood

I can't even remember how this came up today, but we were talking about Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, and how much I liked it as a kid. Then it got me thinking about all the other shows I used to watch as a child, some of which include: Reading Rainbow, Magic Schoolbus, Darkwing Duck, Chip and Dale, Bobby's world, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, and the list could go on forever. Lets face it, the shows from the 90's were the best, they weren't trying to shove knowledge and facts down our throats like some show's nowadays do ( you know the ones), they were clearly marked for entertainment!
Fast forward to today, and what shows do have today? Dora? Diego? Caliou? Just really non-entertaining shows, that try to force children to learn. Now I'm not trying to bash education, I'm going to stress learning to my children a lot, and encourage them in their studies, but I believe that you have to separate education from entertainment. You wonder why kids don' pay attention in school anymore, or get bad grades, I blame lousy television for making them think that learning has to be this roller coaster of excitement constantly. That's my two cents on that subject. As a soon to be dad though it makes me sad to think that my child isn't going to have the same childhood that I had, a simpler one, where Super Nintendo was the shiz, and my friends and I were always trying to build a super cool fort to hang out it. Now kids just stay in and play games over the internet (not to say I don't), and not go outside at all, or read a book unless its on an electronic device. This makes me sound kind of like a hypocrite because I have all these devices and do all these things, but at least I had an awesome childhood!
What is everyone Else's thoughts on this? What shows did you watch as a child? Do you think that cartoons nowadays are ruining children? Let us know what you think, or if I'm just completely wrong and biased!

Fred Rodgers:


  1. Ha! You need to lead by example sweetie. If you want our child to be active you need to be too. ;)

  2. I was an active child, I've just turned into an inactive adult, maybe you should lead me by example sweety (: