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Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Daddy Instincts

I read on an app on my phone the other day, that much like a women, the new dad also has some "fatherly" instincts that start kicking in. I dismissed this thinking "I'm to manly for such girly sounding instincts to clean, and organize the house", boy was I sorely mistaken. My wife had a baby shower the other day at my parents were gone, and seeing as she's pregnant and due any day, the house has fallen into a less desirable state of cleanliness (I'm not blaming you for anything sweetheart[she reads this blog and I have to cover my tracks]). So in an odd flurry of desire to clean, I set to work, thinking "this house needs a lot of work before a baby can reside here". So first thing I did was check something off my "honey-do" list (I'm sure that list needs no explanation), which was to change the air filter in the air conditioning. After that was done I moved the refrigerator that had been hanging out in our laundry room, to the place my wife wanted it, then re-organized the laundry room, again as she had specified (sure they ask our opinion, but in the end we all know its her opinion that counts).
The re-organized laundry room!
Then I picked up all the laundry in the house and did a couple of loads, men can do laundry too! It's not so hard guys, the machines practically run themselves! I sat down for a short breather, then vacuumed the entire house, as my father-in-law and I replaced some doors over the weekend and had left sawdust all over. Then in a real frenzy of "fatherly instincts" I folded all the clean clothes in our room and put them away. At that point I was too tired to attempt something else, but made a list of things that still needed to be done to the house before baby came. That's when it hit me men, the instincts had kicked in, and mother nature was giving me the energy to get it done. I laughed out loud, and realized I'm not above the "girly" instincts that other men get. Bonus for me though, my wife came home and saw all the work I had done, and I was her hero for the day! A happy pregnant wife, makes for an even happier man/daddy to be!
So men, let that be a good experience for you, the instincts will come, and you'll have a whole slew of energy to get these little projects that have been on your "honey-do" list for ages, but have yet to get done. This will also make your wife very pleased with you! Please share your similar experiences in the comment section below, and let us know when your fatherly instincts" kicked in!

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